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 I am a bassoonist, performance artist, creative music and soundscape workshop leader. I work with schools, communities, galleries, museums, heritage sites and hospitals. I collaborate with: musicians, dancers, actors, artists, sculptors, architects, animators and bakers! Basically anyone who is open-minded! I perform with orchestras,  ensembles and The North Sea Radio Orchestra.

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I offer imaginative, engaging workshops that connect participants to their ideas and each other.

Whether exploring identity, our story, an idea, a feeling, a work of art, an object, our heritage or architecture, the possibilities are endless! I bring individuals and groups together into the inclusive experience, helping them to feel relaxed so they can explore and make sound together without judgement in an experimental atmosphere. Mistakes are very welcome and celebrated! I lead in a relaxed, open-minded, non-judgemental way and everyone is welcome.

I use my bassoon, voice and electronics. Participants create and join in using their voices, bodies or instruments, or anything you can make a sound with! 


“A very inspiring project that led to real creative freedom and an end result that was entirely the students.” Senior Leader in Education.

“You work in such an imaginative way and really make a difference to the students we try to connect with.” National Gallery Education Manager. 

“Dan, Caitlin and Paul were singing the song all the way home and today we listened to the opera! It was so amazing and transported us all to the land of imagination and collaboration you made!” Education Coach.