Hi. My name is Luke Crookes. I am a creative music and cross-arts workshop leader, facilitator and bassoonist. I work for cultural, educational and community organisations, healthcare and businesses. I design projects that use imagination, sound, music, creativity and the arts to enable participants to discover, explore, develop and express themselves through workshops and performance.

My practice has evolved and developed throughout the years. Each project has had different goals and outcomes, I’ve always experimented with ways to enable participants to be more embodied in their creativiy. My overall goal is to make projects that empower creativity and use music to put the participants experience at the centre of the workshop.



“it’s the depth of thinking that goes into a moment, of true student centred learning, that can then appear to be so easy when it is facilitated so well (by you).” Collaborative workshop artist

“A very inspiring project that led to real creative freedom and an end result that was entirely the students.” Teacher, Candlebird Creative Composition Workshop, 2015.


I trained a Chetham’s School of Music in Manchester and the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London. After completing my BA in Music, I went on to be the principal bassoonist of the Cyprus State Chamber Orchestra. On returning to the UK I completed the Guildhall Leadership course and a masters in orchestral playing.


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