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Music, sound, creativity and performance are great tools to bring groups together to have a shared experience that inspires everything from fun to well-being, to getting creative together.

I offer workshops, experiences and performances that create an uplifting atmosphere where everyone feels welcome and included without any feeling of pressure to do or say anything. Participants can involve themselves in any way they like, and yes, that may be simply being present in the room and relaxed. Or they may feel like creating a piece of music, or doing an Irish jig! or improvising their own creation! There are no rights and wrongs, and everyone is welcome.


“so great , a layered and emotional entanglement of solos together apart“ Kieran Sheehan

WOW this is outstanding ….love it …congratulations to Luke and all of you who joined him in his music worksop to make this happen / create a unique piece of music in this unique moment in time.

There’s no formula, everything you do is unique and different and the people involved, whatever their ages, are completely committed to the projects. I admire your patience and originality and talent and inexhaustible energy ……freedom and wide-openheartedness.  Liz PatrickAugust 2019

A few projects

Powsowdie at Home

Adhoc on zoom