I design workshops that respond to a businesses particular needs. They may have a topic they’d like to explore or something they’d like to celebrate. I’m very happy to design free proposals for anyone that wants to get in touch. That way you can get an idea of what is possible.


Use music to celebrate your company values in an interactive instrumental workshop that builds to a performance piece.


Create your own piece of music exploring your ideas and expressing them in sound. Resulting in a performance and a recorded soundtrack.

Critical reflection

Go through the steps that it takes to become a musician and performing artist. I take you through several activities and  through discourse and dialogue we  reflect on the knowledge, skills and concepts to be a successful instrumentalist, musician, artist and performer.  This workshop allows you to cross the skills you currently use in your business and see them afresh from a new perspective.
All workshops explore elements of: active listening, teamwork, leadership, performance and creativity.  Throughout the workshop delegates use an instrument of their own and explore thinking from the perspective of an instrumentalist, musician, performer, orchestral player & artist.

Baringa Partners – an international consulting company who were awarded “Best Workplace in the UK 2010” by the Great Place to Work® Institute.

“The best corporate event I have been to since working for the company and probably the best I have been to since starting work 11 years ago. Brilliant!”

“As a whole company we achieved something which felt pretty incredible!”

“Really really enjoyed it. So much better that the usual stuff we do.. dusted of my flute the next day…”

“Phenomenal – a very well thought through activity, executed superbly!”


Intercruises staff said: “the most innovative and effective team building activity I have experienced. Luke was a dynamic and inspirational leader and our group really responded positively and cohesively. We went from not having touched an instrument to being part of an orchestra in three fun and productive hours.”


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British Telecom London Vegetable Orchestra