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Ideas emerging

Here is a little film of me improvising with seven different types of ideas. They can be changed in any way. It’s the first time I tried the bassoon with them. But once I’ve slept on it things will become much better, once I’ve got the feel of each one in my mind a bit more.

The loose names I’ve given them are:

Computer. Round sounds
Drama short/long phrases
Smooth epic
Future hero
Ideas developing

Playing with first ideas. To be developed.


Ad Hoc Dance presents

….an evening of 5 contemporary dances, created by the dancers with choreographer/artistic director Ruth Jones…….accompanied by live and recorded music, with bassoonist, Luke Crookes….presented in an informal, cabaret style at The Carlton Club, Carlton Road, Whalley Range, Manchester……. at 8.30pm until 9pm on Thursday July 6th….free of charge, no need to book, just turn up…..the bar will be open during the event… come and say hello and have a cheeky glass of wine?

Ad Hoc Dance is a community, contemporary dance company, open to anyone (18 years plus) enthusiastic about dance ( no previous experience required). The next course will commence in September/ October. To join, contact Ruth at the details below.

Ruth Jones
Dance Artist/Choreographer/Axial Dance

Five dances and visuals


Bassoon and movement. All four feelings.

Practice tracks for the group

Gentle. Flowing (loops only)

Gestures(loops only)

Serenity flow optimism (loops only)

Down-fall (loops only)

Exploring. Down-fall, gentle-flowing, gestures, serenity-flow-optimism

Down-fall test ideas for backing track. Bassoon to be added

Vocal exploring (very soft and in the noticing way)

We can do a vocal exercise based on each feeling. Set up improvisations – 30 seconds playing with the essence of each feeling. Playing with shifting from inner world, on the breath to outer world group communication.We will have rules to shift between: Musical sounds. Emotional body sounds. Abstract sounds.


Ships that pass in the night



Gentle and flowing