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Music, sound, creativity and performance are great tools to help people look at and explore what they notice in a painting. Everything from arriving in the space (settling in, relaxing) to having a look (noticing, a longer look, repeatedly looking) to experiencing individual and group responses. I create atmospheres that inspire people to enjoy looking at paintings; breaking down the invisible barrier that stops us connecting with the picture and exploring our responses to it.

Performing and performance

Create your own piece of sound art or music and have an immersive performance experience in front of the painting, or perform for others, or watch a performance by myself.

Creativity and play

Let’s build a sound palette: Through sound and play we explore an idea and bring it to life and explore it before looking back at the painting to see what we notice now and how we feel.

Experiences with sound

Through short exercise with sound we feel a quality or perspective, an emotion or idea. From what we notice in the painting we try it on, for example: a dark colour into a dark sound, a light brush stroke into a light sound, a round sound, the feeling of joy, a long line into a long sound. And then we look back at the painting, inspiring us to have a deeper and felt experience of it.