Breath and murmur map in the making



Getting on the breath

Before sound becomes heard sound it is designed silently in our imagination. In conventional music we do this with a sense of the tonality. My goal and methods are to be able to explore our silent world so we can develop our ability to imagine and design sound and music and art before it comes out of our bodies. So our body responds to our idea of something in that moment. Our breath and body can respond to that imagination as a oneness. If we can work from silence and develop that inner world, many problems that are caused by thinking through concepts, labels and instruments are alleviated. We learn to flow from sensing, imagination and listening. From this place we are more present, listen better and our performance becomes embodied and in the now. When interpreting ours and others art we are much more likely to work with the essence of the art rather than through the tools with which we worked with to do it.

In the early stages of learning anything, whether it’s through being human, intellectualism or instrumentalisation we can quickly bury our ability, to truly design a sound or idea  from within, under this cognition and consciousness and our ego and identity can be born out of it. This renders the artist ever truly capable of performing a work of art completely embodied and designed from their inner because they’re always accessing it through their identity and the unconscious concepts, cognition and consciousness that they originally learnt with. To find this lower entry point is tricky and it takes a workshop leader who can hold the environment while the group find the inner space.


A poem about finding the inner world

Deep on the inside where nobody sees
Down a road called lost
With a small lamp to guide

Tread softly my light feet
Peace is reverse
As the black and the blue

With colours immerse

Deep on the inside where nobody sees
My mind unfolds
With the greatest of ease

Down my back garden theres a bus number 10
And driving this bus is a green speckled hen
The hen steps aside and in the seat I do get
To drive this black bus without danger or threat

I park my black bus and paint it fresh red
Then I go to my house and sleep in my bed
At night my mind runs down the plug in my sink
And my eyes fill with colour and rapidly blink

Deep on the inside where nature runs free
And dogs bark and cows moo
And mum makes our tea
Deep on the inside nothing can finish
So i’ll stop now with no end and let this poem diminish

Dots are overwhelming
Set up how you look
Get inner sounds, imagination and consciousness going
Then when working out of there

Even in silence

So you can build up to looking at music safely and using it as activate limited code
Before you even get a whole work in your head

Just get sound in head , whole body and right from the start.

This is where you can start doing little inner compositions
To recognise inner and essence

Then code it
Don’t worry about precision or that it might be returned to , just yet

Listen to inner Now and essence


This is graphic score of inner body feelings

Body sensation score

Thick Black line is the feeling of my arm resting on chair
Curved line is tummy

Brown vertical is nose, branches are strips into face

Now listen to mind imagination and don’t draw it. Code its essence

Listening to imagination

Don’t worry to much yet about it being sound, you’re just setting yourself up.
Now it moves and changes sound colour a bit like this

Imagination evolving

The key points are easiness of mind , ok to change evolve and emerge


Now when you go back to this

you can take it to that place.