My work process


I create spaces where participants can explore their imagination. Throughout the process participants listen to and work with their imagination and sensation of sound. As participants work in this way, many creative, musical and artistic skills are developed.


  • Mindful process – Connect to imagination, breath, body, resonance and inner ear.
  • Creative process – Work with imagination to discover what’s inside your ideas as they grow.
  • Reflection process – Reflect to promote healthy practice 

My initial goal in leading workshops it to put participant experience and empowering their creativity at the centre of the engagement.

“it’s the depth of thinking that goes into a moment, of true student centred learning, that can then appear to be so easy when it is facilitated so well (by you).”

Collaborative workshop artist

“A very inspiring project that led to real creative freedom and an end result that was entirely the students.”
Teacher, Candlebird Creative Composition Workshop, 2015