Powsowdie at Home

Welcome to Powsowdie at Home. I hope you are all well in these strange times. Powsowdie is a themed reminiscence project, with food and music. Normally we meet once a month at Heron Corn Mill but as coronavirus has led to isolation we decided go online! Please explore, dip in and out. 


The Blossom Tree

I’d like to share this photo of the blossom tree in my neighbours garden. Each year I wait for the blossom and love the moment it blooms. It always surprises me how quickly it loses its bloom and so I wrote a little song to capture that feeling. I also found a poem by Robert Burns called O Were My Love Yon Lilac Fair about a man who loves a purple blossom so much that he wishes he were a bird sheltering under it and then he imagines becoming a dew drop resting on a rose petal, only to be extinguished by Phoebus’ light! (Greek god of light; god of prophecy and poetry and music and healing).  



As sure, as sure as, sure can be,

The pink blooms fill the blossom tree,

Against the sky they bright the day,

and lift the heart and soul away.


As sure as sure the blossoms come,

And then a week the  blossoms go,

As blossom blow from branch to ground,

Like pink confetti all around.


The blossoms gone, the blossoms gone,

Until next year you bloom again,

Thank you blossom tree my friend.

By Luke Crookes.

Here is a recording of the song 

Click here to download



O Were My Love Yon Lilac Fair

O were my love yon Lilac fair, 
Wi’ purple blossoms to the Spring, 
And I, a bird to shelter there, 
When wearied on my little wing! 
How I wad mourn when it was torn 
By Autumn wild, and Winter rude! 
But I wad sing on wanton wing, 
When youthfu’ May its bloom renew’d. 

O if my love were yon red rose, 
That grows upon the castle wa’; 
And I myself a drap o’ dew, 
Into her bonie breast to fa’! 
O there, beyond expression blest, 
I’d feast on beauty a’ the night; 
Seal’d on her silk-saft faulds to rest, 
Till fley’d awa by Phoebus’ light!

Robert Burns.

Here is a recording of the poem

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Here is a recording of meditational sounds that you may want to listen to with your eyes closed. 

Two minute breath meditation

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Since sharing this page people have got in touch with links to trees and blossom. I’ll put the links below. 

Paintings of dew drops
An artist friend, Marc Woodhead, listened to the poem and gave me a link to dew drops in art. 

Many, many Dutch still life paintings have drops of dew on the leaves . . . (Tip for viewing. Try the + zoom feature to see the detail of the drops on the petals) click the link below. https://www.nationalgallery.org.uk/paintings/jan-van-huysum-glass-vase-with-flowers-with-a-poppy-and-a-finch-nest.

If you feel inspired by something why not write  your own little ditty, I’ve certainly enjoyed connecting with the tree in my garden, a tree I always quietly notice but it’s just nice to take a longer moment. Do send any pictures, poems or songs but there’s no pressure to do so. 

Vincent van Gogh’s letters to his brother Theo about the blossoms in Arles . . .

Musician James Larcombe sent this link.

George Butterworth set the A. E. Housman poem about cherry blossom. 


Please take a look at our film of last years sessions.

The meaning of Powsowdie:
Powsowdie is a Scottish sheep’s-head broth or soup. Traditional preparation of the soup includes sheep’s trotters as an ingredient. Dried peas and barley can also be used as additional ingredients. Powsowdie has been described as a speciality dish in Edinburgh, Scotland.