Music, sound, creativity and performance are great tools to develop skills for learning, life and taking care of our well-being; making time and space to connect with our emotions, ideas and imagination.

Workshops with music, sound and creativity give your children and students the opportunity explore without boundaries or judgement, demonstrating to them that all ideas are included in a creative journey and there are no rights and wrongs, only decisions that we take collectively and decide to agree on.

My workshops are about inclusion and valuing everyone’s ideas. They are more about the process, and individuals and group experience, not as much about the audience and the show.  I lead in a way that  takes care for the whole group and demonstrates to them that before we can feel confident performing we must learn to value our own ideas, take them in, imagine and feel good about expressing them. You get to the end of my workshop take a closer look at the children and you will see that they are all included. I enable them to explore their ideas and then take the ideas in so they can express them from their imagination. I am leading, and having fun to get us relaxed, even though it may not look like I am leading and what I’m often doing is holding the group and making space for things to emerge and making space to explore.

I use my bassoon, voice and electronics and soundscapes to take the children through the session. The children will use their voices, bodies and school percussion.

Workshops can be anything from one hour, one day, one week or even a year long project.


Performing and performance

Together we create a piece of music or sound art and have an informal sharing of our creativity or prepare a performance.

Creativity and play

Through sound and play we explore an idea that you come with or see what emerges.

Experiences with sound

Through short exercise with sound we feel an energy, a quality, a perspective, an emotion or idea. By taking time to arrive in our body and imagination, we then try it on and explore without the need to perform, remember or get it right, we are be free to be with it, be with ourselves and then the group. For example: a dark colour into a dark sound, a light brush stroke into a light sound, a round sound, the feeling of joy, a long line into a long sound.

Cross-arts collaboration

By working with another artist we can bring together two art-forms.

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“Thanks for the workshops – they were great, pitched perfectly, engaging and fun!”

Paul Morrow. Lead Practitioner of the Creative Arts.

The morning was amazing and the children’s performance was incredible! Thank you so much for all of your hard work on the project. Sophie Draper project manager. Open City. October 2018

It is such a pleasure to work with such a wonderfully creative, instinctive and self-reflective practitioner such as yourself. Thanks for your wonderful work and enthusiasm.

Daniella. Head of Nursery Charles Dickens Primary School.

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